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Need embroidery on your selected corporate wear ... we can do it!

When you provide us with your logo or design, we can digitise it for you ready for embroidery.

*We do not embroider garments until you have approved a sample of your logo.

We have streamlined the embroidery process so that it is hassle free for everyone.
The easy to follow steps are as follows:

1. Select  Logo Set-up and add to cart. This is a one off cost and next time you order garments with embroidery you will not need to pay this. If you require 2 logos add 2 to the cart - you will then be charged for 2 set-ups.

2. Click the image upload button labelled "Browse". This will open up a window that will allow you to access your computer's images and choose one to upload to us. The list of desirable file formats is on the Logo Set-up page for you to choose correct file types. If you are having difficulty with this process you can email us the file and information.

3. Fill in the embroidery notes (eg colours, placement on garments, preferred size).

4. Once you have added the Logo set up to your cart you will need to return to the main embroidery page and select the number of logos you need to purchase for your order (ie 10 shirts = 10 logos).

5. If requiring logos on trousers please remember that the space is limited so logos need to be limited - we cant just make it smaller as writing needs to be a minimum of 5mm high to be neat and legible.

6. If you require names on your garments this is also selected on this main page. Dont forget to add into the notes the correct spelling and which size garments are receiving which names.

7. Once your logo is set-up we will send you an image of your embroidered logo for you to approve by email.

*We do not embroider garments until you have approved a sample of your logo.

Things to remember:

1. Embroidered lettering needs to be a minimum of 5mm high. If you have a large logo and very small lettering, enlarge it until the lettering is 5mm high and this will give you an idea of how large your logo will become. Left chest logos are usually no larger than 90 - 110mm wide.

2. If you have a logo that has dark writing and you are ordering dark coloured garments or a light coloured logo and ordering light coloured garments, you will need to remember to send us your preferred colour options for your logo so it is visible.

*We do not embroider garments until you have approved a sample of your logo.